Minicaps - Just Something better!

The Listing Platform Designed to Enhance Trust, Security and Safer investments in DeFi for Low Market Cap Projects.


450 BNB raised out of 450 BNB


What is Minicaps?

Minicaps will become the World's First Anti-Scam Crypto Listing Hub for Low Market Cap Tokens.

Listing Platform
One Platform to get all the due-diligence data you need for safe Crypto Investments
Early Investment Opportunities
Focus on projects with low market cap offers Investors a rare opportunity to buy-in early into projects
Seamless Trading Experience
Integrated PolyXSwap Interface ensures instant trading of Projects listed on Minicaps without leaving the platform
Risk Score
The platform aggregates data from multiple sources and uses that to determine if projects are safe in a simplified way
Simple Project Search
Easy and fast search will take you immediately to the essential data of an investigated token
Pre-launch Project Verification
Initial score for pre-launch projects as a tool for improving project transparency and vision for investors.

Why invest in MiniX

As the Governance token of Minicaps, MiniX offers several benefits to Investors and Developers:

2-Tier Rewards Token
MiniX holders are rewarded in PolyX, which in turn rewards you with Polygon MATIC!
Buy back & Burn
Weekly Buyback-and-burn program supports long term price stability and value growth of MiniX
Safety Badge & Discount Transactions
For listing, Ads, Fees for Safety Badge etc, Transactions will be discounted when carried out with MIniX
Premium Features
Investors will be required to hold MiniX tokens to be offered exclusive access to Premium features on Minicaps platform

Safety Tools

We will use the most effective security protocols to ensure the safety of projects listed on Minicaps

Automatic Smart contract Scan
Smart contract cross-referencing
Smart Contract Audit
KYC Verification

MiniX Tokenomics

Total supply: 10 billion

PolyX Rewards
Liquidity Pool
Manual Buyback & Burn

MiniX Public Presale Details

Dec. 2, 2021 (12:00 UTC)
Number of Tokens for sale
4,050,000,000 MiniX
Dec. 9, 2021 (12:00 UTC)
Tokens exchange rate
1 BNB = 9,000,000 MiniX
Acceptable currencies
Min. / Max. Contribution
0.1 BNB / 2 BNB


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    MiniX is Governance token of the crypto listing platform, Minicaps. The World’s first Anti-Scam Crypto Listing Hub dedicated to Low Market cap Tokens.

    Our main objective is to create a lisiting platform for Low market cap projects while employing unique and explicit tools to increase the most important aspects within the decentralised finance world – Trust and Security.

    We all know that small market cap projects get drowned out by the big ones on listing websites like CMC and CG. They also get mixed up with scam projects on smaller websites like CS and CH, thus getting even less visibility than they deserve.

    Minicaps provides a platform for small marketcap projects while also reducing the risks for investors.

    MiniX will be the first part of the PolyX ecosystem. Not only will it support the growth of PolyX as a token but the functionality and popularity of PolyXswap in the future including being able to use the DEX interface to transact within website

    Both projects are developed by the same DEV and Team

    You can use the Buy button at the top right corner of the Minicaps website or Copy MiniX Contract address 0x4ee83441a22beb71eaac91a225c39b6ec53d4fdd to buy on Pancakeswap

    The DEV and team behind PolyX are fully doxxed to the Pinksale Finance Team. Hence the KYC badge on the presale page



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